Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We had two birthdays!

My twin boys celebrated their 4th birthday a couple weeks ago. It was a cold, rainy day and we of course had a big outdoor backyard party planned. Oh well! We made due since we are used to this here in Pacific NW.

The theme was Hot Wheels since the boys are really into them these days. We had rented a NASCAR bouncy house...luckily it had a roof. The rain still got inside which made it slippery, but we just kept wiping it off with towels. The kids loved it.

My favorite part is how fun the cakes turned out. I made them myself - I always make each twin their own cake. It's not their fault they were born the same day! In this house we live by the motto that everyone should be special on their birthday. Anyway, one boy asked me to make a cake "like at the airport", which meant the spiral ramps in the parking garage. And I did! It took a while but went together just how I imagined. Phew!

I got these wonderful reactions "[Brother], come look at the awesome cakes mom made us!" and "Mom, you make the best cakes in the whole world!"

Definitely worth all the work for happiness like that. :)